Character PerksEdit

  • When MP is below 50%, gain 3% of MAX MP per turn
  • Barrier stacks increase attack power by 10% per stack
  • Gain 20 Mp per turn when enemy is FROZEN or BURNED
  • Has 20% chance to gain one RAGE meter when enemy is FROZEN or BURNED
  • Gains bonus ATK from manual allocation of stat points in WIS and INT
  • MP Regen from wisdom is DOUBLED when below 50% health
  • Has 25% Chance to FREEZE enemy when casting ULT
  • Increased Fireball [1] damage based on RAGE meter
  • Has 25% chance to SHOCK enemy with Electrocute [2]
  • Gain 10 BONUS MP when Repositioning
  • Gain +1 INT upon LEVEL UP, but reduce MAX HP by 1%
  • Hit confirms have a 100% chance to shock enemies
  • Barrier will not drain MP if health is below 33%
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% when using a 'Heavy' weapon


  • Fireball: +10 MP, 50% ATK + INT damage
  • Electrocute: No MP, 200% ATK, lose HP
  • Force Pulse: No MP, 20% ATK
  • Energy Nova (Linker): -10 MP, 150% ATK, 30% Crit
  • Final Blast: Finisher: -20 MP, 170% ATK, 50% Crit
  • Life Tap: No MP, 100% ATK, Restore HP
  • Ignite: No MP, 160% ATK
  • Force Slash: -10 MP, 40% ATK
  • Immolate (Linker): -10 MP, 500% ATK
  • Mending Beam (Finisher): -20 MP, 500% ATK, Restore HP


As a wizard, your Feral Push temporarily gives you infinite mana.


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