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Distant Cavern-Dwellers of Teipas Edit

[The horrific indulgences of the artificer]

Guukin Edit

"These beasts dwell in underground huts."

  •  POWER DRILL: Deal 33% more damage to BLEEDING enemies
  •  HYPER GRAB: Using GRAPPLE will BLEED enemies
  •  POWER SLAM: Deal 33% more damage if RAGE is maxed

Slavas Edit

"Attempting to awaken them will probably get you mauled."

  •  HARDER SKIN: Take 50% less damage from MEGA-PUMMELS
  •  BETTER WILL: If CURSED, HEAL 10% of MAX HP per turn
  •  FASTER LEGS: Reposition moves you TWICE as far away

Marselon Edit

"These elementally-charged beasts roam vast caverns."

  •  SHOCK AURA: If enemy is CLOSE, 10% chance to SHOCK
  •  FLAME AURA: If enemy is CLOSE, 10% chance to BURN
  •  FREEZE AURA: If enemy is CLOSE, 10% chance to FREEZE

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