Character Info Edit

You are a Paladin, and enjoy copious amounts of STRENGTH and INTELLIGENCE! Healing various objects and smashing enemies are what you like to do best. You are a sight to behold, and some might even call you a bit overpowered. Graceful in terms of both offense and defense, you are truly heroic.

Character Perks Edit

  • When MP is above 50%, regenerates 5% of current HP per turn
  • Health regeneration above is DOUBLED if RAGE meter is full
  • Riposte will HEAL for 50% of damage dealt
  • Regenerate health equal to FOUR times each MP spent
  • Gain 20 MP when attacked while Barrier is active
  • Gains bonus ATK from manual allocation of stat points in WIS and INT
  • Heals are 5% more effective
  • 10% chance to SHOCK enemy when attacked while Barrier is active
  • On successful block, deal 100% of your ATK to enemy
  • Has a 10% innate chance to block enemy attacks
  • Critical Hits have a 10% chance to cure all status effects
  • Hit confirms will heal you for 33% of your current HP
  • Deal 25% bonus damage to all Skeletons
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% when a 'Heavy' shield not equipped

Unlocked perks

  • Level 5: Mana Tide: When below 33% HP, Mana Tide allows you to restore ALL of your MANA

Moves Edit

  • Bash: Np MP, 50% ATK + INT damage
  • Smite Flurry: No MP, 200% ATK, -HP
  • Retribution: -10MP, 20% ATK
  • Divine Justice (Linker): -10 MP, 150% ATK, 36% Crit
  • Final Blast (Finisher): -20 MP, 170% ATK, 54% Crit
  • Divine Rend: NP MP, 100% ATK, Restore HP
  • Reckoning: No MP, 160% ATK
  • Righteous Slash: -10 MP, 40% ATK
  • Holy Light (Heal): -20 MP, Restore HP
  • Shield Slam (Linker): -10 MP, 500% ATK
  • Mending Slam (Finisher): -20MP, 500% ATK, Restore HP

Unlocked Moves

  • Level 5: Riposte
  • Level 10: Barrier: Shield you and your loved ones from harm with this defensive ability. Barrier stacks will INCREASE Riposte's damage!

Ultimate Edit

Holy Wrath: +10 MP, (large) ATK + INT damage

Specialisation Edit

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