Character Perks Edit

  • When ULT is fully charged, regenerate 3% health per turn
  • After casting ULT, Max HP is increased by 15% until end of combat
  • Gain 10 MP per turn per MARK currently on enemy
  • Adrenal Smash applies 1 MARK and consume all MARKS at 3
  • Rabid Lunge [2] will always MARK enemies
  • Attack power is BOOSTED by 50% while player is BLEEDING
  • Damage dealt by Slash [1] increases over the course of combat
  • Casting ULT consumes all MARKS, dealing bonus damage
  • Gains bonus ATK from manual allocation of stat points in INT
  • Does not automatically consume MARKS
  • Deal 33% bonus damage when attacking if combo count exceeds 10
  • Charing at MARKED enemy will deal DOUBLE damage
  • Summon-able companions will deal 50% more damage per turn
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% if you are not EXPOSED

Moves Edit

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