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Character ProfileEdit

Below you can find more information about the background of each Character. Character builds are brought to you by the players themselves.



A fierce and savage brute who relies on their strength to overcome challenges and defeat their enemies. This class is built around the strength and rage of the warrior, whose name is known by thousands and is very balanced all around.

The Warrior blazes across fields devastating all in their way.

Find Barbarian Builds here.

Detailed Perks Edit

  • Regenerate 5% of MAX HP per turn if health is below 50%.
  • 50% chance for Whirlwind [2] to GUARD BREAK.
  • Using CLEAVE [1] will remove ENSNARE effects.
  • Gain 10 MP per turn while enemy is BLEEDING.
  • Gain +1% ATK until end of combat when BLOCKING.
  • Lifesteal from points in strength are 40% more effective.
  • Increased effectiveness when casting Heal based on RAGE meter.
  • Adrenal smash has 100% CRIT chance.
  • Using the ability Sacrifice will BLEED enemies.
  • Hit confirms deal 300% damage, up from 50%.
  • Charging at enemies deals 600% damage, up from 400%.
  • Charging at enemies has 100% accuracy if rage meter is full.
  • Heal 25% of MAX HP after each battle.
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% when using RANGED weapons.
  • Gain 40 MP per Reposition.

Class advancement (Disciplines)

  • Marauder
    • 5% chance to BLOCK attacks when attacking
    • +10% to BLOCK chance, BLOCKING restores 5% MAX HP
  • Berzerker
    • 1% chance to deal 20% of current enemy HP on attack
    • ATK increases as HP decreases
  • Brawler
    • 10% chance to CONFUSE enemy on attack
    • Riposte will BLEED enemy, 2x ARMOR when < 20% HP

Class Advancement (Personality)

  • Brave (+5 DEX, -3 STR) [First one in, last one out]
  • Rash (+6 STR, -4 VIT) [In battle, there's no time for thinking]
  • Adamant (+3 VIT, -2 DEX) [You can't move a mountain with an ant]

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A powerful and smart presence in the field, the paladin relies on its weapon expertise and healing powers to support its allies and destroy its enemies. This class is a tank built around defense and vitality but is weak strength-wise.

The Paladin uses strategy to conquer enemies and purify the lands unknown.

Find Paladin Builds here

Detailed Perks

  • When MP is above 50%, regenerate 5% of current health per turn.
  • Health regeneration above is DOUBLED if rage meter is maxed.
  • Riposte will HEAL for 50% of damage dealt.
  • Regenerate health equal to FOUR times each MP point spent.
  • Gain 20 MP when attacked while Barrier is active.
  • Gains bonus ATK from manual allocation of stat points in WIS and INT.
  • Heals are 5% more effective.
  • 10% chance to SHOCK an enemy when attacked while Barrier is active.
  • BLOCKING attacks deal 100% of weapon damage to enemy.
  • Has 10% innate chance to block enemy attacks.
  • Critical Hits have a 10% chance to cure all status effects.
  • Hit confirms will heal you for 33% of your current HP.
  • Deal 25% bonus damage to all Skeletons.
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% when a Heavy shield is not equipped.
  • Gains 40 MP per Reposition.

Class advancement (Disciplines)

  • Templar
    • 100% chance to BLOCK attacks when casting heal
    • 33% chance for Riposte to SHOCK enemies
  • Avenger
    • 33% chance to SHOCK enemies when using HEAL
    • Riposte increases rage meter by 5
  • Priest
    • 5% chance to HEAL upon dodge, block, and evade
    • HEAL will refund MP cost and refresh Barrier stacks

Class Advancement (Personality)

  • Gentle (+5 DEX, -3 INT) [The cleanest kill is the most humane.]
  • Bold (+3 STR, -2 VIT) [When taking a risk, sometimes you need faith.]
  • Docile (+6 VIT, -4 STR) [Casted HEAL on spiders as a child.]

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A stealthy and powerful class whom lurks in the shadows and silently kills their vicitims. While the assassin is deadly and fast, they are also very weak and low on defense. And always remember though, that while you may think you are safe the dangerous assassin may always be around the corner, patiently waiting for you.

The Assassin give enemies a one-way trip to the void.

Find Assassin Builds here

Detailed Perks

  • BLEEDS enemy when their health drops below 50%.
  • Reposition enables your next attack to deal 150% damage.
  • Gain 30 MP when DODGING enemy attacks.
  • Riposte will DAZE enemies.
  • Dodging increases ATK by 10% (stacking) until Damage is taken.
  • Has 20% chance to CONFUSE enemies upon repositioning.
  • Attacks have a 25% chance to increase combo by an additional count.
  • Repositioning reduces EXPOSE status by 2, up from 1.
  • Grapples will increase COMBO COUNT by 2, up from 1.
  • Hit Confirms will BLEED enemies.
  • Charging at enemies has a 50% chance to hit, up from 25%.
  • Non-Critical Hits have a 10% chance of BURNING enemies.
  • Deal 25% bonus damage when not EXPOSED.
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% when Heavy armor is equipped.
  • Gain 40 MP per reposition.

Class advancement (Disciplines)

  • Shadow
    • 20% chance to CONFUSE enemy upon REPOSITION
    • Evasion from DEX is increased by 50%
  • Rogue
    • 10% chance to SHOCK enemy when attacking
    • Riposte deals double damage and applies BLEED
  • Thief
    • 10% chance to DAZE enemy upon critical hit
    • 33% to BURN + CONFUSE enemy on Riposte

Class Advancement (Personality)

  • Hasty (+6 DEX, -3 VIT) [Do it fast and do it quick]
  • Serious (+3 DEX, -2 STR) [Death is no laughing matter]
  • Quiet (+5 STR, -3 DEX) [It's always the quiet ones.]

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Wizard 1

Conjures magic to create storms of fire, create tidal waves and tear terrifying cyclones across the sky. With the perfect balance and blessing of intelligence and power this class can wreak havoc across all lands but can also be a burden due to its lack of health and armor.

The Wizard sacrafices all forms of defence to maximize attack.

Find Wizard Builds here

Detailed Perks

  • When MP is below 50%, MP regeneration is increased.
  • Barrier stacks increase attack power by 10% per stack.
  • Gain 20 MP per turn when enemy is frozen or burned.
  • Gains ATK from manual allocation of stat points in WIS and INT.
  • 20% chance to gain one RAGE meter when enemy is frozen or burned.
  • MP regen from wisdom is DOUBLED when below 20% health.
  • 25% chance to FREEZE enemy when casting ULT.
  • Increased Fireball [1] damage based on RAGE meter.
  • Has 25% chance to SHOCK enemy with Electrocute [2].
  • Gain +1 INT upon LEVEL UP, but reduce MAX HP by 1%.
  • Hit Confirms have a 100% chance to SHOCK enemies.
  • Barrier will not drain MP if health is below 33%.
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% when using a 'Heavy' weapon.
  • Gains 50 MP per Reposition.

Class advancement (Disciplines)

  • Sorcerer
    • 50% chance to RESTORE 10% Max MP upon Crit
    • 33% to BURN enemy when hit if Barrier is ON
  • Mesmer
    • 20% chance to CONFUSE enemy upon attack
    • 10% chance to RESTORE ALL MP/turn and refresh Barrier
  • Frostborn
    • 5% Chance to FREEZE enemy upon attack
    • 5% FREEZE chance when Barrier is ON

Class Advancement (Personality)

  • Modest (+5 INT, -3 VIT) [Oh, that fiery explosion was nothing.]
  • Mild (+3 INT, -2 STR) [Most interesting feature: stamp collection.]
  • Relaxed (+6 DEX, -4 INT) [A calm mind is an oasis in chaos.]

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Displaying a friendly presence in the forest, where they have complete control over all natural elements, in battle the druid is a terrifying presence. Imagine being swallowed whole by the earth or being torn apart by plants. The druid is fast and precise when using their powers and draws their magic from the spirits and energy of the earth.

The Druid suffocates enemies with surrounding natural resources.

Find Druid Builds here

Detailed Perks

  • When ULT is fully charged, regenerates 3% health per turn.
  • After casting ULT, Maximum HP is increased by 15% until the end of combat.
  • Gain 10MP per turn, per MARK on enemy.
  • Adrenal Smash applies 1 MARK and consumes all MARKS at 3.
  • Attack power is BOOSTED by 50% while the player is BLEEDING.
  • Damage dealt by Slash [1] increases over the course of combat.
  • Rabid Lunge [2] will always MARK enemies.
  • Casting ULT consumes all MARKS for bonus damage.
  • Gains bonus ATK from manual allocation of stat points in INT.
  • Gains 5% chance to deal DOUBLE damage every turn.
  • Deal 33% bonus damage when attacking if combo count exceeds 10.
  • Charging at a MARKED enemy will deal DOUBLE damage.
  • Summon-able companions will deal 50% more damage per turn.
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% if you are not EXPOSED.
  • Gain 40 MP per Reposition.

Class advancement (Disciplines)

  • Shaman
    • 10% chance to SHOCK enemies upon attack
    • HEAL self on MARK. HEAL + STUN when consumed
  • Ravager
    • 20% chance to BLEED enemies upon CRIT.
    • MARKS will FREEZE enemies. FREEZE and BURN when consumed.
  • Ritualist
    • 25% chance to TRANSFER BLEED to enemy upon attack.
    • MARKS BLEED self and enemy. HEAL + 10 RM when consumed

Class advancement (Personality)

  • Quirky (+3 STR, -2 INT)
  • Calm (+6 INT, -4 STR)
  • Hearty (+4 VIT, -3 STR)

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Swift and agile. Using arrows, swords and daggers to pin down their enemies. The ranger is a strong presence but very weak vitality-wise. In terms of speed, foes cannot attack nor escape. Attacking something you cannot see is one thing, but attacking something you cannot touch is the true beauty of the ranger.

The ranger swiftly executes all enemies without worry.

Find Ranger Builds here

Detailed Perks

  • When ULT is fully charged, DODGE chance is increased THREEFOLD.
  • Guided Arrow [1] will interrupt CHARGING enemies.
  • Gain 30 MP on CRITICAL hits.
  • Successive CRITS grants 10% ATK, up to +100%. Stacks reset on non-crit.
  • 20% chance to apply a mark on CRIT.
  • 5% chance to apply a MARK on ATTACK.
  • Heal self on MARK. Heal self and STUN enemy when MARKS are consumed.
  • Riposte has a 33% chance to MARK and CONFUSE enemies.
  • Riposte and Adrenal Smash have a 33% chance to FREEZE enemies on CRIT.
  • Automatically consumes all MARKS upon attacking at 3 MARKS.
  • Using a Bow or Crossbow increases critical hit chance by 10%.
  • Healing has a 20% chance to confuse enemies.
  • Deal DOUBLE damage on the first turn of combat during night time.
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% when Heavy armor is equipped.
  • Gain 40 MP per Reposition.

Class advancement (Disciplines)

  • Hunter
    • 20% Chance to MARK on attack, bonus damage at 3 MARKS
    • MARKS apply BLEED, ULT consumes MARKS and applies BLEED
  • Marksmen
    • 20% chance to BLEED enemies upon CRIT.
    • +5 RAGE on MARK/CRIT, 33% SHOCK on MARK
  • Duelist
    • 10% Chance to MAX RAGE meter upon CRIT
    • Swords and Daggers have 50% CRIT chance

Class advancement (Personality)

  • Timid (+6 DEX, -4 VIT)
  • Careful (+5 DEX, -3 STR)
  • Naive (+5 VIT, -2 STR)

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